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TLKGIRL1998's Review of Balto III: Wings of Change

rated it: posted: Jan 06, 2013
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ok , I've only seen this film a couple of times , and i didn't see it in a while , and i haven't ever seen the second movie but i just will say this movie is an ok movie , it's cute , i recommend seeing it. the animation was not the best. it could of been better. they kinda messed up balto and jenna's design in the second one ( I've seen screen shots ) oh , but in this film , they really messed up there design. the music was kinda corny. the plot was really off , but it was still a cute movie. i loved the characters. i thought some of the characters ( the new ones ) were kinda unneeded. i didn't like kodi's character very much , i found him to be kinda annoying. :P i wish they kinda brought back old characters , nikki , kaltag , steele , star , dixie , aleu , and sylvie. i think that's really all i can remember.

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Balto III: Wings of Change
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