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rated it: posted: Apr 25, 2016
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I honestly really hold this movie high for probably one reason - it expands what was begun in the amazing original movie, and gives it character. Main characters are no longer mysterious and quiet, and while in the original they seemed elegantly distant, here we can actually get a glimpse of their personalities and relationships with one another through actual dialogue. This is that one thing I really enjoyed this movie for - for making me love the characters I took a liking to in the first movie even more.
Backgrounds are really well done, not too detailed, looking like a painting at times, yet still lively, which is a great callback to the original Bambi.
Animation is really smooth and well done, movements looked natural. And I swear, the designs of the characters are excellent, especially the Great Prince - he looks gorgeous.
Music, while nothing too extraordinary or spectacular, is still very nice. Definitely had some stuck in my head for some time.

Also I honestly believe that Bambi and Bambi 2 can be used to compare and see how much times have changed, how the same story is seen and portrayed through different points of view, understanding.And that is very valuable.

Sweet, enjoyable film.

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