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Serra20's Review of Alpha and Omega

rated it: posted: Apr 25, 2016
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This movie had potential, but failed. I wouldn't call it a truly bad movie, but it's just...There. Nothing about it that could really stick out, it's easily forgettable.
The animation is decent, however the character models and anatomy looked really off and weird, disturbing at times.
Backgrounds are one of the redeeming qualities, being pretty nice to look at and feeling alive.
The movie's interpretation of the wolves' howl was pretty interesting, and I enjoyed it.
Plotline wasn't very interesting, it kept being too distracted by continuing out-of-place humor that I couldn't get invested in it properly. However, I must admit that Humphrey's feelings were pretty relatable, and I liked his character. The contrast between him and Kate was pretty nice too.
This one felt like a basic popcorn movie that leaves no lasting impressions. While it is not a complete failure, unlike all of its sequels, it really can be ignored.

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