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dan_plaz's Review of My Little Pony: A Very Minty Christmas

rated it: posted: Dec 23, 2010
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As a man I must admit, I have a soft spot for the My Little Pony franchise as I have a soft spot for the Power Rangers. And in this season holidays I would like to explore their Direct to Video holiday film A Very Minty Christmas with it's sugar coated cuteness that defines the series.

First of all we have the story which I think that is shallow but with good intentions. I mean as we can see, the ponies love to celebrate big, Christmas included, and they do it by waiting for Santa while guiding him to their village with their radioactive glowing Christmas candy cane at the top of the Christmas Tree.... Pinky Mint flavored (Mintberry Crunch would be so happy). But the title character Minty, a clumsy but well meaning pony, accidentally breaks it and feels that Santa will not come; so she takes his role by giving her friends socks....... yeah..... socks........ Who in the world would like socks for Christmas?

I like the characters. Even though their personalities seems one dimensional, they have the two and three dimensionality feel to it...kinda... and I think it could be in the voice acting. Tabitha St. Germain (Naomi from Death Note and Helloise from Jimmy Two Shoes) do a nice job voicing Minty who really sounds like the typical awkward girl with laugh and everything.... I seen girls with that kind of voice and it seems to catch it especially when laughing like a mellowed Fran Descher. The others do their part too, mostly in Pinkie Pie who is established for me as the Optimus Prime of the series, and it shows growing great concern of the celebration but mostly of her friends when they are in trouble. On a side note I must say that the Pony that impressed me the most is a pegasus called Starcatcher because everytime she appears and talks she is like an angel in heaven... just see her.... and believe it or not she is voiced by Lenore Zann (Known as Rogue from the X-Men good animated series as well as in Marvel vs Capcom series)

The animation is a bit of an improvement from previous works, but still suffers from tweaks and bits like some lazy editing, voice mistakes and some inconsistencies. Sometimes those are apparent and sometimes not, even though it somehow becomes passable that we just simply ignore it. Still, using repeated scenes in some parts, reversed or not, seems like a very lazy move.

Like I said, the story is shallow with good intentions, and is because we can feel some charm in it not because of the cuteness of the ponies but the well meaning behavior of Minty of doing something really good... but screws it and make it up for it. But it also suffers some nitpicking stuff in my mind like how they can control the hot air balloon movements? How they reach the North Pole so fast? How the sock got big enough to fit into Minty's head and use it as a Santa hat? If this is a world of ponies, is Santa human? What about Jesus? Is there a pony Chanukah or Kwanzaa? Why they glow at the end? It was for a childish Deux ex Machina? Why Rainbow Dash sounds like a British Nico Robin? Well.. you get the idea.

Is there something very well done in this? Well yes, and I must say that is the music. The orchestra fits the environment and the songs weren't half bad.... actually they were good in it's own right even though the sock song was a little campy. But the prize goes for the "That's what I like about Christmas" song which is really a delight to hear, is almost perfect and makes me feel that is a great candidate to become a new christmas holiday song.

A Very Minty Christmas is a sugar coated childish Christmas special that even though it makes you feel dumb, is the kind of forgiving dumbness that you just enjoy and watch.... much like Ernest saves Christmas. So is not bad and is not great, is decent enough to enjoy it during the holidays.

A film that feels forgiven for the season.... and that's what I like about Christmas.