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rated it: posted: Jul 16, 2012
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As much as I loved Anastasia, this movie was very poor. It's not that interesting and it misleads people into thinking this is about Anastasia.

With poor plots and a boring choice of characters, this film isn't worth buying, or renting.

They chose Bartok (although I'm not sure why) and decided to make a movie about him, which was a rather large mistake as he was never that interesting in the original movie. His place was a comical character, and that's that. I did try to watch the movie but it wasn't engaging, nor very amusing.

If they could change one thing, and I could pick, it'd have to be the description of the characters. Some of the characters you are not given a clear idea of who they are - mainly the boy in here. Is he Anastasia's son? It doesn't say.

animated cartoon Bartok the Magnificent © Don Bluth / Fox
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Bartok the Magnificent
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