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rated it: posted: Jan 04, 2011
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DC Comics I love, however, their past movies (Though I loved Green Latern : First Flight)seemed to lack some things... however.....This movie surpased all.

Marvel can never compete. I'm not sure if DC comics's movies (before this one mind you) were just too scared to add new characters? Well, maybe this will be a sign for them, keep adding! However, the movie was really short, but that's why I guess they added the extra episodes(?), to make it better. (Longer movies are more win, and these aren't going out in theaters, so I don't see why this one was so short)

It was a great story, and they added Nightwing! ('Bout time) However, I was somewhat dissapointed they didn't add Robin (Tim Drake), it could have easily added more conflict for Jason and bought more time, but for what ever reason, they didn't. I'm still very pleased with this movie.

I bought it twice to get the special Red Hood figure my local best buy offered.

Great plot, great animation, I'm very pleased with this movie

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Batman: Under the Red Hood
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