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rated it: posted: Jul 16, 2010
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-Spoilers, they be in here-
Many people will/or/won't agree with me, but This movie wasn't very good. It turned bad once you see Kiara, the female-addition. Now don't get me wrong, I'm glad they had a some-what strong female character for the lead, but Disney now is making them weak. (Example, Kiara)
Her character was little progressed and I would have prefered if they kept Kopa.

Timon and Pumba are still in the movie yes, but they don't show much, and seem to just be pests in here.

The songs weren't very good in my opinion, they just didn't song well, or have too much meaning.
Simba also changed very much, while many people will say; "Oh he just got older" well in the first movie, you see him still young(er?) and has the cub at the end of the first movie. Point there, now moving on.

Nala, the mother of Kiara, is now not much screentime. She's more like the background now. Sure, they /tried/ to show some "spice" from the first movie (Nala still pinning Simba down) but seriously, why get rid of Nala for Kiara?

Kovu as a cub was OK, but once he hits the teen age I just lost all love for this guy, once he doesn't want to kill Simba, and wants to save him, get the girl, I just wanted to turn the TV off.

Not worth buying in my opinion. Already sold my copy of TLKII: Simba's pride. ;)

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