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rated it: posted: Jun 04, 2009
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Wow, out of any of the cartoons I grew up with, this one still takes over most of my mind, 90s cartoons were some of the best out there, and Animaniacs is far by number one on my list. Just loved it to death and still do.

It had everything that they don't have in cartoons these days, this was just a masterpiece, can never remember the first episode I ever saw, but I do rememeber as a kid hearing about it from my dear brothers, got me into it and once it was on the first time I set my eyes on it, I just fell in love with the cartoon all together.

I still can't believe though that when you are younger, you just love it for the madness, but once you grow up, you just wanna look back at this cartoon and suddenly think "Oh my word, did I hear what thought he/she just said?" seriously, when I rediscovered Animaniacs on YT, I couldn't believe my ears.

Was just a great cartoon and I think it still deserves to be loved.

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