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rated it: posted: Jun 05, 2009
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If you are interested in the Cold War Era you may just adore this film. Duck and cover!

Iron Giant is a great film. When I grew up in the sixties we had supplies stored in our basement in case the bomb hit. I lived the tail end of the classic cold war. I definitely remember having bomb drills at school where we all had to get under our desk. Everybody has their own era they like and this one is mine. I saw the movie in the Theater. Right from the start using the satellite beeping sound with the WB logo it sets the cold war era tone. There were many movies made in the fifties and sixties that had a monster or alien or evil force etc threatening to destroy the world. The monster was of course symbolic of the "red team" threatening our way of life. Iron Giant starts with the same flavor (did you notice the satellite in the beginning had Russian symbols on it ?). But there is a twist. This menace is actually very nice and caring and knows killing is wrong. But on the other hand, there is a warning that we can get in a lot of trouble if we are not careful with such power (remember the train wreck). For many, the movie probably also hits home as presenting a safe clean time for children to grow up where they can roam around freely in the streets and on their bike. Everybody had a job, things moved slower and there were no problems like we have today. Of course this is not true, there were plenty of problems back in the fifties also. You can't go back.

Great thoughtful characters, the artist, the Goverment Agent.

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