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Clay_Danzig's Review of Who Framed Roger Rabbit

rated it: posted: May 22, 2008
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The movie it's self taught me a lot about having a sense of humor as a kid.

I remember Roger saying something important about it.

"If you don't have a good sense of humor, you're better off dead."

Damn straight.

The voice acting was perfection, the concept, all of it was brilliance at it's finest.

A mixture of cartoons, and hints of Italian gangster movie elements, make it the perfect film to watch.

Writing a long review about it is pointless.
When a movie is this good, it seems like an elongated review is no different than giving the whole plot away to those who haven't seen it. (I say your life is not complete if you haven't)

It was perfect in every way.
End of story.

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