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rated it: posted: Apr 16, 2008
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My Personal Likes:

1. This film refers to native American spirituality and "shamanistic" mystical things in a consistent and adds spice and specialty into this film. I like the idea of having the totem, the ravern, the wolverines, Nava and Aniu the White Wolf (Balto's mom).

2. This film has 2 really great song: "Who Are You" and "The Grand Design", I like the idea that the dogs are finally singing.

3. It tastes completely different from the original, which is good in a way; and it still links to the original (though in a frail way).

4. The background is great, splendid and colourful. The totem is quite 3D.

My Personal Dislikes:
1. The characters aren't animated and drawn beautifully. Steele looks better than Niju, and Jenna looks much better than Aleu. Trickster and Muru both look HORRIBLE!!! The fight against the bear isn't fantastic at all...

2. Most songs are not remarkable, and they simply did not stick in my head. Well, then, music is not its forte.

3. The water looks somewhat strange. And I wonder where the orca came from when Nava was using his powers on Niju.

4. There are many sidekicks in this movie. Boris, Muk and Luk have simply little or no role here. They were just fillers.

5. The sizes of the wolves do not make sense. Why is a strong, pure-bred wolf (Niju) shorter and smaller than Steele, which is an Alaskan Malamute (some people argued that it was just a tall husky). Wolves have shrunken. Wolves are normally larger and taller than huskies and malamutes alike...

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