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Saoirse's Review of Family Guy

rated it: posted: Apr 05, 2008
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The very opening of the show tells it - 'Lucky There's a Family Guy'. Because if we had to live with the 00' Simpsons, we'd probably be crying for some good show to appear...but, lucky there's a family guy.

I'm not going to say Family Guy is better than the simpsons because, of course, one is the son of the other.
You really can't compare early Simpsons to Family guy, just because the humour it's totally different. I will never be bored of watching those old episodes of The Simpsons, even though they don't make me laugh so loud as Family Guy, but they still had soul.

And now, with the lack of bightness of its creator, Simpson is stealing things from its son, Family Guy, and that's just disgusting.

Even though it is a Simpson's son, Family Guy stands on it's own, havng a complete new way of developing characters and putting the jokes. And they are of all kinds- big, small, quick, surrealistic, cheap-laughs, smart.

You really need to see this cartoon, taking your Simpsons regret appart.

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