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rated it: posted: Feb 08, 2008
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This movie is a classic example of Disney work. They take a fairy tale and create a movie so great that it becomes the definitive version. Beauty and the Beast is arguably the best movie to come out of Walt Disney Feature Animation since it's release.

The story is taken from the French fairytale of the same name. The movie touches on many different themes such as loving a person for what they are on the inside and the true nature of a "monster".

The movie includes many memorable characters besides Belle and the Beast including the villainous Gaston and comedic duo Lumiere and Cogsworth as well as Mrs. Potts and Chip.

The animation is beautiful, even compared to other Disney movies. The movement is fluid and the designs excellent. The artists show of their technical skill with the statues on the roof of the castle and the beautiful ceiling of the ballroom.

The music is also memorable, some of the best that Disney has ever produced. Perhaps the most popular is the song "Beauty and the Beast", which is still occasionally played on easy-listening stations today.

All in all, Beauty and the Beast is a fantastic film. If you have never seen it or haven't seen it in a while, pick it up next time you go to your video rental place. You won't be sorry.

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