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rated it: posted: Jan 11, 2008
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Simply put, this is an amazing movie. Despite being animated, this is not a Disney-esque musical with talking animals. No, this is a serious film that deals with serious issues as realistically as possible, considering that one character is 100 feet tall and is made of metal. For me, The Iron Giant has a special place in my heart. I can remember seeing it theaters and loving it. I owned it on video for many years and despite being a girl, I enjoyed it much more than any film that has princesses as the main characters.

I really like the style of the animation. A lot of animated humans tend to look 'cartoonish,' but here there's a fine balance. Everyone looks real enough but not in a way that they seem lifeless. The animation on the giant himself was very impressive. The backgrounds were lively and colourful and we had some impressive forest shots reminiscent of 'Bambi.'

Aside from being great eye candy, The Iron Giant has a well-paced engrossing story which starts right away. There is never a dull moment. As I said before, the story is a serious one but there are some very funny scenes. Instead of there being a comic relief sidekick, all the characters have their amusing moments. One of my favourite scenes is when Hogarth tries to say 'grace.' I won't give it away - you'll have to watch it to find out.

This is a film that anyone can watch. It's not just a mere 'kids film' - it's a work of art that deserves much more than it got. This is a real movie with heart. It never gets overly sentimental or stupid and is a real wonder in the world that is Animation.

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