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Shae's Review of All Dogs Go to Heaven 2

rated it: posted: Jun 06, 2007
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One of my favorites, & one of the best sequels ever. The story is powerful (though not even *approaching* the greatness of the original, mind you.) But it is certainly good enough, and there are two main things that run through the entire movie and make it awesome.

One is the music. "It's Too Heavenly Here," "It Feels So Good to be Bad," "Count Me Out," and "I Will Always Be With You" are outstanding songs.
Two is the character of Sasha, who is one of my all-time favorites and makes the whole thing seem better than it might be otherwise.
ADGTH2 basically does its predecessor proud (wish the same could be said for the series, which is lacking in so many ways, despite there being a few highlights such as the introduction of Belladonna.)

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All Dogs Go to Heaven 2
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