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rated it: posted: Jan 05, 2007
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Sorry to break up the good reviews but... what a horrible show.
It's crude, crass, offensive, blasphemous, the jokes are in bad taste, and the animation is stiff, jerky, and lifeless. And the jokes are very long and drawn out.

I gave it 1 1/2 stars because there ARE mildly funny moments in the show sometimes ("What color are those RED fire trucks?"). Usually when the jokes are in good taste (which is almost never).

I'd take The Simpsons, King of the Hill, heck, even South Park which I don't care for much at all, over this.

To quote a Mad Magazine spoof on "Trading Spouses" starring The Simpsons and Family Guy:

Hey, if you think that joke is raunchy then call me Terry Shavio and disconnect my feeding tube!

Marge Simpson:
Oh my God!

Surprised that I can talk?

No! That you think that joke is funny because it's in EXCEEDINGLY POOR TASTE.

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