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rated it: posted: Jun 26, 2006
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This film has a, to quote Bugs Bunny: "iiinnnteerresssting" history.
This is the only "sequel" to one of Don Bluth's films that DON BLUTH himself actually directed.

I've got to say I did not expect much when I saw preview and stuff on TV. I thought it would be just another low-budget sequel and I was quite suprised when my dad, being a professional animator himself and having worked on An American Tail for Mr. Bluth, brought this home.

Boy was I wrong about it being low quality. The animation is feature film quality and it turns out, this movie WAS going to go into theaters but the distributors decided to scrap it.

It's not the animatoin that fails about this movie however, it's the story. But heck, what do you expect from a Bluth film?

Now it's not that bad, it certainly one of Bluth's better films, but the story is fairly weak and certainly does not live up to his best feature film: "The Secret of Nihm" (one of my favorite animated movies btw).

So I'm giving this movie a solid three stars for the animation. That alone makes this worth a rent.

animated cartoon Bartok the Magnificent © Don Bluth / Fox
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