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rated it: posted: Jul 04, 2007
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Of all the animated films I've seen, Paprika shines as a true example of what animation is capable of. I absolutely believe this is a movie for any adult with a sober mind and an appreciation for imagination and philosophical thought.

Many reviewers would, at this point, write a little bit about their perception of the film's plot...however, I went into the theater knowing nothing more of the film's story than what was suggested by the trailer I saw, and frankly I'm thankful. I think much of the fun in watching Paprika comes from figuring out the story yourself. Suffice it to say that it is, as the profile says, about a young woman who is part of a project that has developed a device for traversing the conscious boundary between dreams and reality. If you haven't assumed it by now, yes, this movie is pretty psychedelic. However don't let that scare you...some friends I watched it with had more trouble following the plot than I did, but they enjoyed it just as much. Personally I don't think the plot is hard to follow at all, which, considering how crazy things can get at times, is yet another kudos to the creators.

A few particular strong points for me: First and foremost, I loved the characters. Each one is incredibly unique, original, and very...I guess "endearing" is the word I'm looking for. Somehow I find that I feel really close to the characters, that I can understand them...they make sense. The visuals were excellent, and a reminder that this movie is perfect as an animated film; it just couldn't have been pulled off in live-action or any other way than the way it was. And the music was beautiful, along the lines of some of the newer, more refined new-age, postmodern kinds of bands we're seeing these days, like a step up from Enya, if such a thing is possible...albeit with more of a catchy beat to it. Also the movie is not draggingly slow like the arguably comparable Ghost in the Shell; on the contrary it never misses a beat, keeps you on your toes, locks you in from beginning to end.

This is a great movie and I would recommend it to any adult in a heartbeat. It's Grade A material, a masterwork, something you need to see in order to believe. It's truly a shame that it didn't receive a wider theater release. Critically it's well written and uses some fantastic angles and mise-en-scene. Philosophically it's original and has some great ideas. From an entertainment standpoint it has action and romance, conflict and resolution, mystery and suspense...need I go on?

I'm about as tired of writing this review as you are of reading it. So stop reading it and go watch Paprika!

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