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P.C. Unfunny's Review of Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman

rated it: posted: Oct 29, 2005
Reviews: 83 | Toon Addict
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The 2003 DTV, Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman, was an intresting title. It had it's share of good action and a unique plot. However, the execution of the story itself was mediocre.

It starts out like this,a mysterious Batwoman appears and is constantly preventing a shipment of high tech weapons. The weapons are being produced, shipped, and guarded by the three biggest crime bosses in Gotham: Rupert Thorne, The Penguin, and Carlton Duquesne. Naturally,Batman shows up to stop the weapon shipments also. And to find out who this Batwoman really is.

Now the excution of the movie starts off good enough.Batman investigates the weapons shipments and the Batwoman. And we also get a look at the rough relationship between Carlton Duquesne and his daughter Kathy Duquesne. Along with Detective Bullock's new partner ,Sonia Alcana, and WayneTech scientist, Dr. Roxanne "Rocky" Ballantine. Right after Batwoman meets Batman, the quality of this movie dips. It's mostly filled with action and the each of the womans' lives are shown in very little depth. Most of the time should have been filled with the story of there lives. However,it's done enough just to get straight to point and that's it.It's very unsatisfying and you don't care too much for the characters. And what really hurts is Penguin's voice actor, David Ogen Stiers. He's good enough, but he dosen't capture the carisma of the character like Paul Williams. The ending is the only time were action works,an intense fight Between Batman and Bane.

Overall,it's pretty weak. For casual vewiers of the animated series,this is a "skip it".

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