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rated it: posted: Sep 08, 2005
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All Dogs go to Heaven has always been one of my favorite films as a child.Its an enjoyable story that you would probably watch now and again, but like alot people here at the site has said, its logic hurts the movie quite a bit.

The film starts off good for a while, maybe a little slow for children. But I found the slowness of the film was great in order to absorb the life of Charlie and there was some casual humorous moments, for example, when Charlie and Carface were talking and Charlie kept on turning on the radio and Carface kept turing it off. Things started really getting good when Charlie,Itchy and Ann-Marie met, the three of them together provived the best entertainment of the film.And lets not forget the funny moments Carface and Killer,who's voice I could probably listen to for hours because its that freaken funny.

But this wasn't perfect film by any means, at one point Charlie went completely out of character with that song he sang to the little puppies. Another thing was that song with the fruity alligator, it was funny, but it was also total useless because it didn't really move the story along at all.And one major useless thing in the film was the factor of the watch, because it dosen't move the story along either. The only point it ever really had was to show that useless "fruity alligator" scene.

Overall, despite these quite obvious flaws, its a good movie that will entertain you.

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