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Technicolor Dream's Review of Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein

rated it: posted: Feb 28, 2007
Reviews: 4 | Newcomer
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It's Alvin and his lovable band of Chipmunk buddies. You can't not wanna submit yourself to that.
I actually saw this on a movie marathon of Cartoon Network, if I'm not mistaken. Unfortunately for me, I'm a sucker for Theodore and Simon, always have been. So I indulged myself.
All in all... it was a definite "eh."
Usual, overdone, old-as-dirt jokes, and inconsistent animation quality everywhere.
On the plus side, some quips got a giggle out of me, more so some of the expressions made by the characters in general- especially in the initial discussion between the Studio Park owner and Dr. Frankenstein-
And I liked the song. I like most songs, though.
Maybe worth a rental, if you get that rental for free and have small children to entertain.