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rated it: posted: Mar 22, 2007
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Don Bluth's "All Dogs go to Heaven" was my one of my favorite animated movies as a child, and still is now. So, it is difficult for me to like the Bluthless sequel.

The movie starts with Charlie being reunited with Itchy. Charlie finds heaven all too boring. Carface with a new voice and personality (still the bad guy though) steals and looses the fabled Gabriel's horn in a deal with the devil. Charlie and Itchy are sent back to earth to retrieve the horn. Charlie finds a love interest named Sasha who is taking care of a run-away child. yada yada. It is DTV.

I really cannot enjoy this movie for a plethora of reasons. Charlie the self-centered guy with a good heart that I knew and loved from the original is gone, and replaced with fun-loving bad boy. Burt Reynolds was the essence of Charlie. Charlie Sheen just does not fit. The remade Carface and Itchy are also a wreck. By the way, where is Killer?

There are a lot of plot-holes, and the animation is not up too par with the original. But I am willing to forgive these faults, since I think this movie had a low budget.

I guess, what I dislike the most about this movie is the run-away kid, David. David is a classic obnoxious cartoon kid with a dumb ambition to become a magician.

There is one thing that I was impressed with and that was the plot and the climax. The climax of ADGTH2 was very dark, in the spirit of the original. Plus I liked the devil; he is a interesting character, and kind of a snazzy guy.

I also enjoyed the songs. They were not annoying, and I especially liked Its to Heavenly Here.

ADGTH2 is no where near the original, but good for one viewing.

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