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rated it: posted: Mar 22, 2007
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“All Dogs go to Heaven” is really a three-star, and possibly a two and a half star movie, but I am giving it three and half starts because it was one of my favorite child-hood movies. I still love it today.

What impressed me so much as a child, and still does now, is the depth of the characters, the darkness of the plot, and just the gorgeous Bluth style animation. These features are also prominent in Bluth’s masterpiece “Nimh”. The songs in ADGTH are also very good. (Not including the sharing song)

This movie does have many faults that I am reluctant to admit. ADGTH is too disjointed and random at points. The alligator king comes from nowhere, and there are just some moments that are very unimportant to the story line.

Besides all of this it is still a good movie, and great one for me. The end is very touching, and the moral hits home. Don't take your time on earth for granted.

animated movie All Dogs Go to Heaven © Don Bluth
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All Dogs Go to Heaven
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