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rated it: posted: Oct 09, 2008
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I can remember very little about the "Dot" films from my childhood; except I think the 1987 film "Dot goes to Hollywood." I had recently ordered the DVD of this film, and watching it a few times, I really love it out the other "Dot" films - though I haven't seen some. And also I love kangaroos.

Based a children's book by Australian author Ethel C. Pedley, the film's about a girl named Dot is lost in the Australian bushland after chasing a bilby (a hopping rat) into the wood and losing sight of her home. She is approached by a red kangaroo, who gives her a strange root to eat. Upon eating the root, Dot is able to understand the language of all animals, and she tells the kangaroo her plight. The kangaroo, who has lost her own joey, decides to help little Dot despite her own fear of humans. I am even thinking of reading the original Pedley book - though as I said before: Not many people today know of books like this one.

Overall I love this film and I love 4 out of the 7 songs in the film.

animated movie Dot and the Kangaroo © Yoram Gross
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