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J-Kitty's Review of The Adventures of Brer Rabbit

rated it: posted: Jan 16, 2012
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Right now, this film is the only film based on the Tales of Uncle Remus I have, because the Disney Studios haven't re-release "The Song Of The South" on DVD, because of some controversy regarding it's content. But I have seen that movie online and quite frankly I love both films; I am not one to take sides.

This film is loosely based on Julius Lester's take on the stories, and the film starts with a bored little girl named Janey. Then she met up with Br'er Turtle and he told the stories of Br'er Rabbit's madcap adventures. You know, in "Brer Rabbit breaks up The Party" it was kind of mean that the other critters won't let Br'er Rabbit join the party; but he is lucky to have a friend like Br'er Turtle. So anyway, I love this film.

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