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rated it: posted: May 02, 2008
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Here is another classic story beside "Gulliver's Travels" that in intrigue me, and after reading Alice, it became one of my favorite books. I thought this film from Disney is a colorful and imaginative animated interpretation of the classic children's novel. Of course I love both Disney's version and the live-action made-for-TV version from Hallmark with Martin Short (The Mad Hatter) and Whoppi Goldberg (The Cheshire Cat); I am not one to take sides. I love 5 out of 14 songs out of the film's soundtrack, which are:
"Alice in Wonderland,"
"In a World of My Own,"
"All in a Golden Afternoon,"
"A Very Merry Un-birthday" or "The Un-birthday Song," and...
"Painting the Roses Red."

And I love our adventurous little girl Alice and how she's designed. I now admit, Marc Davis is a champion behind female figures. He also did Cinderella, Princess Aurora/Briar Rose from Sleeping Beauty and Wendy from Peter Pan.

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