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Nutsy's Review of Bartok the Magnificent

rated it: posted: Nov 19, 2003
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This is a rather nice sequel to Anastasia,with Bartok,Rasputin's bat servant,as its star.

Bartok proves to be as likeable in this as he was in Anastasia. Zozi is a fun sidekick,Baba Yaga is rather reminiscent of Madam Mim from The Sword in the Stone,Ludmilla is an okay villainess,and Prince Ivan is an appealing child character.
However,my favorite character in the movie is
Pilof,Baba Yaga's familiar,who looks like something from a Bosch painting.

This is more of a kid's movie than Anastasia was,but it has some amusing scenes in it that older viewers will like.

animated cartoon Bartok the Magnificent © Don Bluth / Fox
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Bartok the Magnificent
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