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rated it: posted: Aug 16, 2011
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It’s not amazing but it’s not terrible either. It had a ton of potential but didn’t quite meet that potential. It was ok for a brainless cartoon. I did enjoy the pretty pictures and the 3D. Though most of the time I think it would have been just fine in regular 2D. Only a few scenes really stood out.

The story is typical, you can figure it out in the first five minutes. Though I do have to give it credit for limiting horrible pop culture jokes and stupid side kicks. The side characters did hold a bit of intelligence unlike most kiddie flicks.

The acting is fine, the only part that really made me grit my teeth was when they started “howling”. They had the actors wail er… “sing” kind of. With a bunch of “oooooooooh”. I cringed every time. Bleq. I knock 10 off the film just for the howling, that’s how much it annoyed me. Thankfully though none of the woofies broke out into an obnoxious song, and the howling didn’t last more than maybe a minute at a time.

Anyways, aside from that, the animation was pretty good. Some of it was WAY over exaggerated, which is ok, but I think they should have made them act more like wolves. Too many kiddie movies make the characters act more human unlike classic animations like Lion King, or Jungle Book. They did have human qualities but you didn’t see them doing Kung Fu moves.

Hummmm I seem to find more negative than positive, oh snap! Guess I should say something good about it. WELL! What kept it from crashing was the part in the middle where they are shipped off to Idaho. They have some pretty good comedic moments there and the two bird characters they introduce are pretty funny too. The beginning is kinda ho hum and the ending is typical.

Overall, like I said, it’s not a horrible movie, but it’s not a really great one either. It missed it’s potential big time, but it would keep the kids entertained. Unless you’re an animation enthusiast I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone over 12.

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