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rated it: posted: Oct 14, 2009
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I liked it a lot for one reason was it was not a typical 3D animated movie. There was more to it than lame jokes and bad plot. The one thing that drags it down though is the weak character development. It had SO much potential, I wish they had elaborated more on the story and the characters. They could have easily lengthened the movie with an extra 30 minutes to build on all that.

I wish they had because most of the time it leaves you with a "I don't get it..." or "what does this have to do with the story?". There was one particularly "emotional" scene and yea it was kind of sad but at the same time, it would have been much much more moving if they had built up the characters more. As it is it I only give it three stars.

Well my biggest complaint out of the way, I really liked how this was a darker movie. No light and happy Disney animation. no obnoxious songs bursting forth, no pop music. Which by the way I did find the animation quite good. The music was excellent.

I would recommend this for anyone who's a fan of Burton films and darker imagery. I would say give it a rent, it's a decent film with great animation, just don't expect to be floored by an amazing story. Like I said it had a TON of potential but just wanted tapped into enough.

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