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rated it: posted: Apr 12, 2006
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Whisper of the Heart is a sweet, often funny movie. Lupercal has summed it up nicely.

Shizuku is a young teen, happily involved in the romantic entanglements of her best friend, without realizing that her own love live is starting. It begins when she discovers that the same boy has already read every book she checks out from the library. She starts searching for the mysterious boy, at the same time beginning a quest for her own identity. Shuzuki is more than a character, she's a person. Though it seems at times as if it could have been done easily in live action, the truth is that I can't imagine some of the scenes being quite as subtly perfect un-animated.

The film could be called slow-paced (on the other hand, at my public showing, an 8-year-old boy sat through it happily, laughing at the funny parts.) But there are no dull moments. Every minute is filled with detail, making the story and characters seem more real...from Shizuku's family relationships to to old carillon clock, we are taken, not into a new world, but into an exquisitely detailed other life.

(I did watch the English dub, and think it's good, though I did not watch the Japanese, so don't have basis for comparison. It did suffer from a voice or two that were extremely familiar, but that may be just me.)

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