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rated it: posted: Sep 08, 2007
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Arthur and the Minimoys is an enjoyable fantasy. Arthur's grandfather has disappeared years ago, and the family farm is going to be taken over by building contractors unless Arthur finds the hoard of rubies his grandfather supposedly hid. So he goes looking for the Minimoys, a tribe of tiny elf-like people who have also featured in his grandfather's stories. Arthur manages to become transformed into a Minimoy himself, but getting the rubies won't be so simple, because they are in the possession of the evil Maltesar.

As you might expect from a Luc Besson picture, the film is visually spectacular, with lots of eye candy, from the blue merle border collie in the Real World to the bizarre creatures and costumes of the Minimoy land. The plot may retread over a lot of classic stories, but that doen't hurt it much, as Arthur is a likeable character. An amusing plus is the appearance of all the live actors as Minimoys during the final credits.

The main weak points I found were: main Minimoy characters looked revoltingly like 'Troll' dolls. A lot of the acting and character development was unconvincing. And in spite of the fact that I really liked it, it never really made me forget I was watching a movie. (That may be my own fault, as I saw it the day after my dog died.)

I recommend it to anyone who enjoyed highly visual films like Labyrinth, Legend and Mirrormask, and who won't get hung up on the fact that characters are played by Madonna and Snoop Dog.

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