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rated it: posted: Jan 10, 2010
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It's a delight to see Tim Burton's dark, spooky hand on the big screen again. 9 is everything that atmospheric should be. The olive drab color scheme is an interesting effect, giving it a great feeling of warzone/post-apocalyptic gloom. The characters, if not very developed, are distinct, and the animators did remarkably well in giving expression to faces made of burlap and metal goggles. If I were ranking this movie on visuals only, I would have to find a way to hack in and squeeze a fifth start onto there. And the film was also better than any other animated film I've seen in years for atmosphere and emotional involvement.

Where it fell down, really, was the lack of a satisfying ending. Without giving away spoilers, I just have to say that, in spite of the final success of the protagonists, the victory is rather empty and pointless.


Ok, so they've destroyed the evil machines and freed the parts of the soul it captured. The world is still destroyed. Humanity is dead. A few pieces of the scientist's soul live on in the surviving...umm--dolls? Puppets? Automata?--but even if they reproduce other people-machines like themselves, there will be no new souls. The soullessness of the machine contrasted against the soul puppets was the moral fulcrum of the entire story. So, what was the point? Where is the hope for a future? Or is the future of Earth only that a handful of little possessed dolls can now survive in peace until they rot and crumble?

The lack of any real success, improvement or progress at the movie's ending is really the thing that hurts it the most.

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