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rated it: posted: Jan 09, 2009
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Considered the mother of all animes, Akira was revolutionary at the time it came out, and many anime fans tend to look at you funny if you see it as anything less than perfect. The animation was slick at the time but now seems average when compared with even Miyazaki's movies of the decade.

Akira seemed to be the ultimate influence for Final Fantasy VII, with all the good and bad baggage that follows. Akira is dark and possesses unsympathetic, hard edged heroes. Final Fantasy VII even liberally borrowed Akira's infamous motorcycle battle scene. Watching it again, however, it's not all that impressive.

Right away Akira sets us up to expect violence for the sake of violence. The first thing we see is Tokyo being destroyed by a nuclear blast. Funny how 31 years later it looks like civilization is still thriving. Gang members scowl and slink about the shadows. The movie tells us that the government is clashing with protesting students, but we're never shown why. We get a small feeling that something isn't right when the movie shows us government creeps chasing a boy with mysterious powers after riddling his protector with machinegun fire. It's like we're dropped in the middle of something. We can't see the beginning of the book. But neither can we see the end.

Akira pulses with an exotic energy. The movie stops just short of making the main characters seem like completely worthless pieces of trash like so many other "post-apocalyptic" animes. Ultimately the look of the movie is better than the acting or the characterization.

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