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Toonboy's Review of Who Framed Roger Rabbit

rated it: posted: Oct 08, 2007
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I must applaud Who Framed Roger Rabbit for not only clawing its way to the top here at Keyframe but for being one of the most important pop culture pieces of all time. Now to take it down a peg.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit is more of a technical piece. The interaction between the human actors and the cartoon characters is astounding. This is the movie Space Jam wished it was. I remember a documentary talking about how the creators made sure the toons were believable and looked like they had some weight. You don't see this attention to detail in Space Jam.

The story is certainly more apt than the story in Space Jam, but it's a hyperactive whirlwind, set to the tune of Roger Rabbit's ramblings and buffooneries and populated with characters who were once important icons but now relegated to one-time jokes. At its core, Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a parody of the "film noir" type of movie. On this level, it works. Eddie represents the stereotypical gumshoe--possessing a promising mind but too boozed up and hardened to give a dern. Judge Doom is the stereotypical, um, red-eyed evil entity gripped by greed. The villain is actually a weak point. The strength of this movie lies in the contrast between Eddie's grit and Roger Rabbit's lunacy, how the two interact, and how Eddie finally picks up some tricks from the toons he hates so much. But the movie is a strange concoction. Like somebody took your favorite sweet treat, put it in a blender, and accidently dumped in some Clorox. Seeing Disney characters share the screen with Warner Brothers characters is weird enough as it is, but cartoons represent innocence. At least they're supposed to. This movie subverts that, rather gleefully, with the presence of Baby Herman and Jessica Rabbit. The concept of Dip also gives the movie a strange chemical acidic flavor pretty similar to that seen in the live action Batman movie. You certainly can't fault this movie for being better entertainment in the "camp" department than Dick Tracy ever was.

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