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Toonboy's Review of Adventure Time with Finn and Jake

rated it: posted: Feb 06, 2012
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One of only three shows on Cartoon Network I'll ever actively seek out, the other two being Generator Rex and Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and this one doesn't have a single moment I've ever regretted watching so far.

This show is well-animated and a visual work of art. It is darkly surreal, an inverted vision of some candy land playground from a child's imagination, but where pitch black is just as likely to be found as bright pink in the color palette and where blood sucking ghosts live next to the snakes and ladders and pretty princesses.

It is warped in its humor, which is just as subdued as it is outrageous. The series hardly ever utilizes the Nickelodeon style of humor, where a visual gag is beaten to death for the longest several seconds of your viewing time. No. Instead the series often tends to use the amusing surrealist setup and strange anachronistic dialogue.

The show also contains some of the most inadvertently terrifying imagery you'll likely ever see in a cartoon. It's not purposefully scary like Superjail and has not one drop of gore. But the fact that many scenes will still unnerve you just with the sheer force of them being so bizarrely twisted makes this show that much more effective.