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Toonboy's Review of Chowder

rated it: posted: Jul 14, 2009
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One of the most blatantly bizarre and surreal cartoons on tv right now, Chowder will probably divide people into love it/hate it camps. In an age where overeating is a problem for children, Chowder's obsession with food might be seen as a sore point. And that's if you manage to get your teeth around the occasional physical humor. Dust off the dirt, however, and you find a cartoon that lives to have fun with itself.

Chowder is self-reverent to the extreme. Chowder constantly smashes down the fourth wall in ways rarely ever seen. One particular episode comes to mind where Chowder actually scribbles on the television screen. Gazpacho erases the scribbles, but Chowder questions the Cartoon Network screen bug. Gazpacho states "That one doesn't come off." Another episode comes to mind where the first half-episode and the second half-episode actually retell the same events but from a different point of view from each other.

It's this kind of silly nonsense that gives Chowder a fun, lowbrow sheen, kind of on the same level as Family Guy but tailored for kids.

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