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rated it: posted: Sep 03, 2006
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Well, I just finished watching it, and I will admit it: it's not that bad, but it's a beautifully-told story. (Although the basic plot sounds like a simple, cheesy story that a "Brother Bear" fan wrote . . . IMO)

Here's a simply-put description of BB2's plot: Springtime Kenai reunites with a childhood friend of his, Nita. She and Kenai (and Koda, Kenai's "brother") travel to a sacred place in order to fix something done in their childhood, but somehow discover their differences and their memories of thier pasts. And of course, Rutt and Tuke are up to their usual shenandigans - this time, they attempt to woo a couple of lonely females with their moosely (?) charms.

The actual meat of the story was the part that sort of surprised me, but it led to an ending that was a tad-bit surprising, but very nicely done. (I won't give it away!) The humor from the Canadian moose was somewhat dry, unlike the original film (in which I thought their humor was a good touch that mixed well with the serious situations), but the relationships of the characters was one of the true strong points.

The music (this time featuring songs by Melissa Elteridge) was beautifully entertwines with the emotions and aura that the story and the settings helped to create. One song was rather powerful, and will almost bring you to tears when you watch the second time around, but the music and score combined was truly the strength of the film.

However, the rest of the film, in all of its 73 minute running time (too short? It felt that way to me!), was not exactly what I hoped for. The voices were almost all new (with exception of Koda, Rutt and Tuke), but somehow worked well (I really didn't like Kenai's new voice as much as the original - to me, he just wasn't Kenai . . . *sigh*). The "sha-woman" Innoko was a bit of a laugh, but other than that, the human characters weren't as interesting as the animals.

Even after I watched the film, I still was a bit confused and had a couple of questions: How did Nita know that Kenai had been changed into a bear (especially since it seemed that Nita's village was much different from Kenai's.)? How much time had passed since the events of the first film (it couldn't have been much, since Koda looked like he hadn't aged a bit . . . oh no, why does this remind me of LBT?)?

So other than those points, this was an enjoyable sequel (that really was a sequel for once! Wow . . .). The animation was smooth and almost like the original style. The backgrounds were, again like "Brother Bear," breathtakingly amazing (for a low-budget DTV project), and the characters really seemed to flow well with the quick pace of the story. Plus add the touching music and the craptastic humor . . . well, to me, it all balanced out! Wow . . .

I say, check it out! Sure, it's not Disney's best DTV sequel to date, but it does remain true to the original and captures the beauty and majesty that Disney animation seems to emit from its many frames. It's worth at least a couple of views, so I give it three point five stars.

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