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rated it: posted: Mar 16, 2006
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Um, a sequel to Anastasia? No way?

And it's actually good? OMG, it's true!

Yes, thanks to the recent 2-disc release of Anastasia (which now includes this film in its entirety on the second disc), I was able to watch this film for the first time. And I was surprisingly impressed by the quality.

Bartok the Magnificent tells the tale of Bartok (Rasputin's familar from the original film) who tells of his many brave adventures to the townspeople of Moscow. But when the young Prince Ivan is kidnapped, people believe that the witch Baba Yaga took him into her realm in the Iron Forest. The people call upon Bartok to face the witch and rescue their prince.

Sounds basic, right? I would go into more detail, but I'll let the movie surprise you as it had me!

The art style is very true to the quality of Anastasia, but it's obviously low-budget yet still good! The storyline is basic, but it has its share of surprises (that are quite unexpected). The music and songs aren't too bad - very Disney-esque but not bad. (And this is clearly a Bluth film too. Why do I find this oddly amusing?) The characters are likeable, well-voiced, and quite good in their debut film. Bartok is just likeably great. He maintains his humorous and "brave" demeanor, except at times he can be a bit annoying. Other than that, quite good!

Okay, so this sequel is no way connected to the original (except for the fact that Bartok is the main character and it still takes place in Russia). It's good enough to stand as its own film . . . that's the way I see it anyway. It's short and fast-paced, but it goes through a great story of revealing the hero within yourself, no matter how small you are. This isn't the best "sequel" ever, but this feels better than some of the recent Disney DTV releases.

A must-see at least - three and a half stars!

animated cartoon Bartok the Magnificent © Don Bluth / Fox
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