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Juuchan17's Review of Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

rated it: posted: Feb 25, 2006
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Ah, so this was the film that brought in the newest type of sequels to date: the "midquel", yes?

I will admit it, even though I'm not a huge princess movie fan, but it wasn't half bad.

It's almost like the story "A Christmas Carol", with the Beast hating Christmas and all (but then again, Beast was like a Scrooge in the original before Belle entered into his life), but the rest of the story was pretty good. Bland but good. The new characters (like Angelique) were a good touch, and I agree, Forte was a scary (but pretty cool-looking in 3D) villain . . . and quite pointless. The animation was better than some of the previous Disney DTVs of the time, but it was the songs (especially the climactic "As Long As There's Christmas") that blew my socks off. To think that this quality of song was in a low-budget DTV was amazing. WOW.

This is a great holiday film for the kids and the kids at heart. Maybe even worth a buy as well! 3 stars!