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rated it: posted: Mar 15, 2006
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Yes, there are totoros . . . and if there's one good Miyazaki film that any animation fan should see, My Neighbor Totoro is it.

I have seen both versions of the dub (the Fox dub and the recently released Disney dub), and I will say that both English versions each have their own pros and cons.

Fox Dub: The voices are perfect for the roles. Sure, Mei's high voice got annoying at times, but it suited her personality and character. The other characters were okay too, and I wouldn't change a thing.

Disney re-dub: Ah, great casting yet again. The Fanning sisters (Dakota Fanning as Satsuki and her younger sister as Mei) were perfectly cute as the lead girls, but it seemed almost the same as the original dub . . . Mei was still annoying, and it seemed like she was trying to imitate the original Fox dub at times. Still, very well done, just like Disney's other Studio Ghibli releases.

I have yet to watch the original Japanese version, but the dub is fine for me. I'm surprised that this is such a short film (with a running time of a little bit over an hour), and yet it shows so much . . . but the story is perfectly-timed. The emotion, the magic, the animation! *sigh* Dazzling!

What else is there to say? It's a heart-warming tale of childhood innocence, life, and magic. It's so beautifully told and animated . . . MUST-SEE!

four stars!

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