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Juuchan17's Review of Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard

rated it: posted: Dec 09, 2011
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Ugh... where do I start with these "Arthur" films? Lately, this was released in the US, and I was lucky enough to see these for free. It's just not worth it.

The basic story continues the adventures of our titular hero, Arthur, and how a small cry for help [or in this case, a message] returns him back into the world of the Minimoys to save the day. Obviously... yet this is only half of a bigger movie. Sadly, this was so terrible, I didn't even make it to see the second half of the disc for the last movie... or even to the second half of this movie itself.

The visuals are quite amazing once the story enters in the Minimoys' world, but other than that, I didn't see anything else that was really good. The story is bland and predictable, if only because the hero is... much too perfect [but then again, it is Freddie Highmore; mostly all of his movie roles are like this. Argh.], and the celebrity voices are, in my opinion, just there to get people to watch the movie. They weren't bad... but they weren't perfectly good either.

If you haven't seen the first film "Arthur and the Invisibles/Minimoys", then some parts of the story will be confusing and hard to understand. Still, it's worth just being in awe at this world of tiny elf-like people with way-out-there hair while it's very reminiscent to the worlds of "A Bug's Life" and other "bug's-eye-view" animation films. But should you see it?

Don't waste your time with this one... well, unless you enjoyed the first movie.