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rated it: posted: Feb 10, 2006
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I was disappointed by this film for a number of reasons:

- The story . . . find this heavenly horn. Pretty basic, yes? Then add in a foxy female, her young runaway master and an evil threat onto the world . . . plus a bunch of cheesy musical numbers of different emotions . . . and, TA-DA! You get this. Horrible.

- The animation quality was more DTV-ish than movie masterpiece material. Or even worse, Saturday morning cartoon quality. *shudders*

- Some characters weren't that bad. The addition of the sexy Sasha (and her beautiful voice) was the best. On the other hands, the most of the other characters sucked. And where was Killer? (wah)

And time in Heaven must be passing quickly . . . because the first ADGTH ended in the late 1930s (1939 to be exact), and this film was obviously in the late 1990s. It makes no sense . . . .

*cough* Back to the subject . . .

Overall, this is an okay film, but it's only worth a bit of your time (maybe one watch of it, but probably not any more than that). Stick with the original.

*EDIT* I have now rewatched the film (now that I own it!), and I've realized that it really isn't as bad as I remembered it was.

(Note: It still doesn't explain how Charlie knows of San Francisco life when he was born and raised in New Orleans in the 1930s, but anywho . . . . different writers, different stuff . . . typical sequel mistake.) It is enjoyable to watch, I will admit. *endEDIT*

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