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rated it: posted: Jan 04, 2008
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Thank you, Disney . . . *bows on knees* Thank you for getting it right.

Seriously, this is a wonderful film that is more than worth of the Disney brand!

"Enchanted" is a very interesting fairy tale of a film minus the fairies (However, there is lots of glittering stuff - LOL).

< SPOILER WARNING! - minor spoilers for the plot>

Giselle, a beautiful girl of her world, Andalasia (pardon if the spelling is wrong, gah.), who dreams of recieving true love's kiss from her Prince Charming. Prince Charming happens to be Prince Edward, a gallant young man who also longs to find a girl to become his princess . . . and of course, Giselle is the one! However, his mother, Queen Narissa, doesn't want Edward to marry, so she sends Giselle to a world with no happy endings - which happens to be Present Time NYC.

Lost and completely unable to fit into this new world, Giselle searches for a way back to her beloved Edward but is saved by a man named Robert and learns of this world and its fancies. Meanwhile, Edward finds a way to New York to save his bride-to-be, not knowing of the troubles that lie ahead of them all.

I would say more, but I really would be spoiling the film climax . . . which was totally beautiful and amazing.

Disney has amazed me with the transfer of 2D animation (yes, the return of traditional animation! Way to go, Disney!) to computer animation to live-action . . . WOW. I hate to say it, but this is beating "Roger Rabbit" by a long shot.

The music is wonderful, the work by all the actors/actresses - perfectly believable, and the story takes the cake. It's like a Disney Princess Fruit Salad - a story that takes bits and pieces of other classic fairy tales and mixes it up perfectly. Plus, the songs are quite catchy . . . I felt like singing them after the movie was over! LOL

This is a must-see and a definite must-have once on DVD!

My rating: PERFECT! 4 stars

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