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rated it: posted: Sep 21, 2006
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Let's face it, there are a lot of Betty Boop shorts. There are even quite a few part live-action ones. I seem to remember there is even at least one with Cab Calloway in it. The only real reason to track this one down over many of the others is because it has both Dave and Max Fleischer in it, making it historically interesting, if no classic. Max had appeared in some of the earlier Ko-Ko shorts, but apart from 1927's 'Ko Ko the Kid' (and good luck finding that), this is the only time they appeared together.

Dave plays a reporter, and Max draws Betty for him, who comes to life, and then goes through scenes from some of her old shorts, while Max put down backgrounds for her. In this respect it's rather like Disney's 'Alice's Wonderland'.

The film isn't bad, though the recylcing of older animation footage (though hardly unique - they did the same thing with Popeye's 'I'm in the Army Now') cheapens it a bit. Really, though the short itself isn't bad, you're going to watch it for the historical footage of the Fleischer brothers. (Dave looks almost like a teenager, though he must have been about 28)

As usual, I have trouble making sense of anything Mae Questel says as Betty (I can understnd her fine as Olive Oyl for some reason).

A curiosity, worth having for early animation buffs, but nothing special outside of that.

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Betty Boop's Rise to Fame
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