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rated it: posted: Jan 23, 2005
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I had fewer problems with this movie than Athena. It's not as good as 'A Goofy Movie', but it didn't have me scurrying for the remote either (and then discovering it was the air-conditioner remote, which happens more often than it should).

There are some problems and inconsistencies, though. In some ways this is a replay of the 'Goofy trying to get close to Max, and Max wanting nothing to do with him' premise of the first movie - which means that it suffers from 'Balto 2 Syndrome' - i.e. it undermines the resolution of the first film.

Still, if you can get over that, the rest of the film is reasonable. Goofy gets fired, just after Max goes off to college, and has to follow him back to school to complete his degree and get another job. The two are thrown together, to Max's horror, in a plot that revolves around the College Games, and the hero-worshipping of skateboarders.

Now this was pretty alien to me, too, but everything about the American school system is alien to me. We don't have frat houses, or pledge pins, or sports scholarships, and it's all just like something from another universe to me, so I was prepared to suspend disbelief. I've also seen enough skateboard-mad college age kids (though not admittedly skateboarding AT college) that I could roll along with that, or perhaps assume that it was a parody of that subculture.

The thing that I couldn't understand was, why was everyone mortified when Goofy turns up in 70's flares and wearing an afro, when the current college cool in the film is even more retro than that - 50's beat poetry, no less? I jut couldn't understand what that whole beat thing was about. It made no sense at all.

At least one thing is finally cleared up. A couple of times characters definately refer to each other as dogs, so we can assume that Goofy is indeed a canine after all. But then, why does the leader of the opposing frat house appear to almost certainly be a human? There were no humans in the first Goofy movie, and I assumed that everyone in that universe was of the same species. In fact, come to think of it, there's a bear in this film as well.

One other thing that pulled this film out of the potential mess it could have been is that Goofy got in a bit more of the old-fashioned slapstick - like the incident which gets him fired at the toy company - which was always his forte, and which, if you think about it, explains why he's apparently so good at sports. Like Roger Rabbit said, "Nobody can take the knocks like Goofy", and it doesn't take that big a leap of imagination to turn an out of control slapstick stunt into a freeform skateboard routine.

Oh, one little touch I liked. In one scene there's a digital clock showing 10.16. You can only just see it, but in a shot a little later, it's showing 10.19. That's a trivial thing, but ultimately gives you a clue as to how serious about the movie the director is. Would Miyazaki miss something like that? Of course not. Would Don Hertzfeldt? Well, the clock would probably just explode or turn into a dog or something, but you get my point. Or maybe not.

If you liked the first movie, you might like this one. It's not great, but as a sequel to what was essentially a Disney B-movie spin-off from a TV series, it could have been worse.

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