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rated it: posted: Jun 09, 2010
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I wish I could share Toonboy's affection with this movie. I really do. Like so many on this site I appreciate "western" animation that tries to do something different than Disney or DreamWorks. And while I think 9 is a good, enjoyable film, I don't think it's a truly great one.
My biggest problem are the characters who just don't have anything meaningful to say. Except for the last narration by our title character there's no real reason for the ragdolls to talk. The short film achieved better results without giving its creations a voice. And they're not all very interesting. There's no time to explore the characters and especially 6 and 8 come across as rather boring. I just could't find myself creating a strong emotional bond with 9 and his kind and I'm one of these persons who need this to truly get lost in the world of a movie.
The movie as a whole is not as kinetic as the trailer might led you to think. There's plenty of action but not everything is as exciting as you hoped it to be. In fact, it becomes repetive after a time. I love good action scenes but only when they're are well done. I missed the excitement and the goosebumps that come with this type of genre. Maybe it has something to to with the missing bond between me as the viewer and the characters. But assure you, when 9 gets its action right, it pays off. This happens interestingly enough when they stay close to the original short film.
9 has the guts to try something else and I applaud it for that. It's entertaining, dark and edgy and when it manages to get you involved, it works very well. I just wish I could say that about all parts of the movie. But still, recommended for anybody who knows that animation is not just "kids stuff".

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