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JNoyer's Review of An Extremely Goofy Movie

rated it: posted: Jan 10, 2006
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It seems like a common believe that when you're a fan of the first Goofy movie then you dislike the sequel. For me, that's not true. I admit that I like the original more than this DTV, but AN EXTREMELY GOOFY MOVIE is still a lot of fun and I emphasise 'a lot'. There are many nice jokes and I think this film offers great animation - keep in mind that it's not a theatrical release.
Like the first Goofy movie this one came along exactly at the right time. Right now I'm using it as a motivation to go to collage (Goofy's speech about not losing the focus really helps me)... silly me. Anyway, AN EXTREMELY GOOFY MOVIE is perhaps my favourite Disney DTV. I hope they produce another one even it's kinda hard to imagine what parts of Max's life Goofy can mess up in the future.

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An Extremely Goofy Movie
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