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Goblincleaver's Review of You Ought to Be in Pictures

rated it: posted: Nov 02, 2006
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A long time ago, I first watched this cartoon on special that premiered on Cartoon Network. I don't exactly remember what it was called, but they nominated this cartoon as the number 1 best cartoon of all time...and I can see why. Daffy tries to convince Porky that he's much better off doing live-action pictures instead of cartoons. Taking Daffy's advice, Porky goes to his producer, Leon Schlesinger, to cancel his contract. Upon leaving the studio, Daffy tries to impress Leon that he's better than the swine counterpart, while Porky goes through hysterical twists and turns at a movie lot. In the end, Porky gets his job back, convinced that his place is in the cartoons. This was a great cartoon for back then (and with such impressive special effects that predate Who Framed Roger Rabbit?) I especially loved the scenes where Daffy shows off his singing talent to Leon and Porky sneaking into the lot dressed as Oliver Hardy (of Laurel and Hardy fame). Mel Blanc also did a good job voicing almost everyone in the picture (except for Schlesinger and the movie director). A classic for anyone who's a fan of the live-action/animated field ^-^

animated cartoon You Ought to Be in Pictures © Warner Bros. / Leon Schlesinger Studios
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You Ought to Be in Pictures
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