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Goblincleaver's Review of All Dogs Go to Heaven 2

rated it: posted: Jun 08, 2007
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What can I say? I liked this one better than the first Don Bluth-directed movie; it's not that I'm not a fan of Mr. Bluth, but last time I checked, dogs don't have rosy cheeks. I believe I rented this movie, and I actually liked it. That's kinda of a rare thing for a sequel that was made nearly a decade after the previous movie was made/released.

However, there some things in this movie that were questionable. One thing that bothered me is that Charlie somehow knows San Francisco like the back of his paw. Pretty strange for a 100+ year-old dog who lived in New Orleans, then spent the next 50-odd years in Heaven. I'd still like to know why it took Itchy so long to get to Heaven in the first place. I guess there's a different concept of time-space continuum between the living world and spiritual world...Who knows?

I'll admit that I like the Anabelle in this movie rather than the one in the first one; I found her too ditzy and strange. I loved the characters of Sasha La Fleur and David. Sasha was a good example of well-developed love interest (and a lovely one at that) while David had a great thing as a cute kid who loved street magic. This movie was also the first time I saw a dog kiss another dog on the lips; nice touch to convey the humanized characteristics talking animals seem to have in animated cinema.

I found that the character design for the humans (especially the background ones) were nicely bizarre; a nice step towards a new idea. Again, I LOVED Sasha; she had a great design and voice-actress playing her. Charlie Sheen did a nice job replacing Burt Reynolds as Charlie. For some reason, everytime I hear Burt Reynolds talk, I think of Smokey & the Bandit. I'd also like to mention that the addition of a demonic cat villain was neato.

My two cents is that it's a good movie for anyone curious about Charlie and Itchy's further adventures, and if ya like dogs, then this is right up your alley!

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