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rated it: posted: Sep 10, 2007
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Although Akira wasn't the first anime I saw, it sure was the first that truly left an impression on me. One of the reasons was the fact I watched it when I was probably 12 years old, so yes it was that mix of curiosity and shock of watching something particularly violent and mature. In any case, with the time it has become one of my favorite movies of all time, and at the same time (with the multiple re-watches) I have learned to appreciate both its weak and strong points. Sure, the plot and characters may look really underdeveloped and the extreme violence and pacing distracts from what is an already a complicated story with lots of delicate subjects. Still, this is the type of movie that gets straight from this century: visceral, direct, fast-paced and visually realistic considering than this is in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo.

The people who dislikes the movie should seriously considered a second view, it's the only way you can see how amazingly conceived is Akira. The political themes, destructive science and the futuristic environment, become the elements that fit the true essence of the story: the conflict of human emotions in an already dehumanized society. Both the protagonist, Kaneda and Tetsuo struggle and fight each other as a consequence of corruption and power, the second taking over Tetsuo who directs to his inevitable self-destruction.

The truth is Katsuhiro Otomo it's far from being a really good director ( the best example is his inflated visual epic Steamboy). And if Akira is considered the best work of Otomo is mainly because the movie follows his underlying style, which prefers visuals over plot development. The result is a movie that works pretty well in both levels and even has time to throw some truly shocking scenes (the flesh and blood monster in which turns Tetsuo, or the images of destruction made by the religious groups).

In the end, you may hate it or love it, you may shock or hypnotize by the extreme visuals, but if Akira was the groundbreaking animation of the eighties now is simply the best example of landmarking animation and perfect execution.

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